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About Us

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Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC synergizes knowledge gained from main street experiences, board rooms, and technical assistance projects into actionable practices. We help you do what you do better and what you need to do smarter. Our primary goal is to deliver Services Beyond Expectation.

Akil is a thought-leader and CEO of Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC. Throughout his 25+ years of leadership experience in workforce development and training, public relations and community affairs, recruitment, diversity and inclusion intervention, and employment, he has conducted advanced complex problem-solving in all business environments; recruitment and talent acquisition; process re-engineering, testing, and improvement; ensuring that each of his clients and and colleagues is served well as they implement strategic program and key partnership development, policy, standard operating procedure development, and written and oral communication to the public and private sectors. He has also led several projects where he successfully researched, conducted needs assessments, and facilitated a number of training and learning series centered around Diversity and Conflict Interaction and Resolution.


Amara Tennessee, Director of Programs

Amara Tennessee attended Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville Georgia. While at Georgia College Amara earned dual degrees in Public Health with a minor in Global Public Health and World Languages and Culture with a focus in Spanish and Spanish for the Health Professionals and a minor in Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies. Amara had the opportunity to travel to Chile and Honduras working in medical clinics, providing Spanish to English translation services, as well as health education presentations on various health topics. Upon graduation from college in May of 2020, Amara was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to travel to Colombia in South America to begin an English Teaching Assistantship at the University of Boyaca in Tunja.

Amara is a Public Health Analyst principal consultant whose insights drive critical transformations in the public health landscape, influencing impactful policies and transcendent theoretical framework for Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC. Vanguard Consulting Group is an Atlanta- based collective of conscious-minded professionals, aimed at providing services that impact the communities they serve, expanding and establishing registered apprenticeship programs (RAPs) in the Healthcare, Healthcare IT, and Energy Industry Sectors in the South Atlantic (and nationwide). VCGLLC sees apprenticeships as mutually beneficial and industry-driven career pathways options for students and employers, where your future workforce is developed collaboratively. Amara and the team develop solutions that bridge disparities and enhance the well-being of communities utilizing evidence-based approaches and creating ripples of positive change throughout society. She is also responsible for strategic communication and collaboration of organizations and community partners intent on developing and implementing specific strategies and targeted outreach through detailed engagement tools and communication structures. Amara shares a passion for working with diverse and underserved populations as reflected through her extensive travel and work abroad experience.

The domestic and global communities we serve are counting on us to be the torchbearers, the laborers, and the foundation for those that will come behind us.