About Us

About Us

If You Need Help, Get A Consultation


Where Collaboration and Coalition-Building are Done Right!!!

Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC synergizes knowledge gained from main street experiences, board rooms, and technical assistance projects into actionable practices. We help you do what you do better and what you need to do smarter. Our primary goal is to deliver Services Beyond Expectation.

President/CEO: Akil Bektemba brings to this team a keen ability to apply his 20+ years of leadership, partnership development, and business solutions to serve a number of private and public sector clients. This experience, along with access to a specialized team of multidisciplined and multitalented professionals, gives Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC the uncanny ability to bridge talent and clients in a way that creates a win-win and advances common goals.

The domestic and global communities we serve are counting on us to be the torchbearers, the laborers, and the foundation for those that will come behind us.