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Advancing Common Goals

We are a Collaborative Consulting Group.


Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC synergizes knowledge from grass-roots, board rooms, and technical assistance projects into actionable solutions, training, and practice. We help your organization do what you do, just better, more efficient, and smarter. We leverage our extensive network of partners and team of multi-dimensional professionals to exceed our primary goal: Delivering Services Beyond Expectations while Advancing our Common Goals.

Services | Solutions

Organizational Functionality

Efficiency, Technology Integration, Leadership and Professional Development, Conflict Management, Performance

Comprehensive Language Solutions

Translation Services (e.g., legal, medical, technical, and financial sectors), Cultural relevance, and Human expertise. Streamlined Project Management (e.g., projects to scale, corporate communications, and client collaboration)

Job Corps (DOL/ETA)

Contract Management, Center Operations, Outreach, Recruitment, Placement

Strategic Program Design and Delivery

Youth and Adult Program Development and Delivery (e.g., GED, ESL, and Leadership and Professional Development Training for Agencies and Other)

Community Integration and Partnerships

Targeted and Strategic Relationship Development, Customer Service, Client Management, Localization (ensuring smooth integration into the fabric of local communities)

Technical Proposal Development

Research, Strategic Planning, Writing, Compliance, and Review

Film, Production, Brand Campaign Strategies

A collaboration with Heart and Hustle Productions, a Premium Creative Agency.

A few of our Partners and Clients

From our inception, we’ve provided premium, reliable, and mission-critical services to our diverse clientele.
We’ve had the honor of being the firm and/or partner of choice of the following companies, agencies, schools, and organizations:

Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC | Company Information

DUNS Number: 117045735 | Cage Number: 8E8P3


541930: Translation and Interpretation Services
611513: Apprenticeship Training
541611: Administrative Management and General Management Consulting
541612: Human Resources Consulting Services
541618: Other Management Consulting Services
611430: Professional and Management Development Training
541613: Marketing
61171: Educational Support Services
541820: Public Relations
56131: Employment Placement Agencies and Executive Search Services
512110: Motion Picture and Video Production
611519: Technical and Trade Schools


Workforce Development
Education (GED, Training)
Tech/Computer Sciences
Public Health
Healthcare, Healthcare IT
Energy and Utilities
Renewable Energy Education and Sustainability


Over 20+ years of Leadership and Performance.

Our “Total Experience Approach” enhances our consulting projects and front-line services, ensuring that our clients receive the best levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Generative Artificial Intelligence and App Development for all projects.

Services that improve the lives of everyone we touch, while creating futures that change the trajectory for generations.

“Every day is another opportunity for each of us to impact the world exactly the way we were meant to.”

Akil Bektemba, CEO Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC

Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC

“In Action”

Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC


SETA Executive Board Member

BDPA Member

Southeastern Employment and Training Association (SETA)


BDPA National & Atlanta Chapter


BDPA Member

Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC

HBCU | Research | Education | Technology

The 1890 Project is a public-interest technology initiative, poised to revolutionize the landscape of HBCU research. At its core, The 1890 Project aims to create a knowledge-sharing platform designed to unlock and amplify the genius within HBCU institutions. The outcome is a digital ecosystem designed for HBCU students, alumni, researchers, and administrators, allowing them to effortlessly explore, share, and expand their academic insights within an open-source, blockchain-based application.

Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC

The 1890 Project | The Haltere Group

HBCU | Research | Education | Technology

The collaboration between The Haltere Group, Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC, and The 1890 Project is launching a groundbreaking initiative that will sweep across Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) nationwide. This comprehensive financial literacy program is designed to empower the next generation of African-American leaders with essential financial knowledge and skills. Spearheaded by a collaboration between our team and a consortium of HBCUs, this ambitious program aims to embed financial literacy into the key offerings of all participating institutions.

In addition to the seminars and workshops, The Haltere Group will launch the H.O.W. (Helping Others Win) Virtual Financial Literacy Hub, a dedicated online resource, where students can attend small group discussions and connect with alumni and professionals in the financial sector. This hub is also where students can network with potential employers, learn about internships, and participate in financial planning competitions.

Vanguard Consulting Group, LLC

“Access and Inclusion Efforts”

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